MyEZG Workshop

28/06/2019 9:09 AM PPUKM

MyEZGTM Workshop
 Recognizing clinically important emergency electrocardiography

Workshop Description/Introduction:
MyEZG Workshop is an intensive one-day electrocardiography (ECG) workshop conducted using an active learning methodology. This workshop comprises online ECG competency exercise with explanation, interactive lecture series and ‘hands-on interpretation skill training’ session. All participants shall bring their own devices with internet-accessibility in order to participate at
Interactive lecture series will highlight the importance of ECG interpretation in daily clinical practice. Real case examples are utilized in guiding on the decision-making process. During the intensive ‘Hands-On Interpretation Skill Training’ (HOIST) session, our enthusiastic instructors shall engage and guide all participants how to analyze an ECG rhythm, recognizing abnormal findings and conclude its diagnosis.
Prior knowledge is essential for an effective learning. This course is designed to deepen current understanding, enhances interpretation accuracy and bolster self-confidence of clinicians from the general practice, family medicine, internal medicine, critical care as well as emergency medicine. This MyEZG workshop is a master-class in the arts and practice of clinical ECG interpretation, designed specifically for an enhanced learning in an easy and practical manner.

Workshop Objectives:

1. Recognize and classify various STEMI and STEMIC.
2. Learn an interpretation in an-‘easy’ (EZ) manner.
3. Learn subtle changes and challenges in specific conditions such as tachyarrthymias, pericarditis, LVH, LBBB, Wellen syndrome, MAT and pulmonary embolism.

Max no of participants:
Places are limited to 60 participants

Workshop date and duration:
A one-day course Oct 6th, 2019 (Sunday)


1. Dr. Faizal Amri bin Hamzah, Emergency Physician (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
2. Dr. Azlan Helmy bin Abd Samat, Emergency Physician (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
3. Dr. Nurul Shaliza bt Shamsudin, Emergency Physician (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia)
4. Dr. Mohamad Iqhbal bin Kunji Mohamad, Emergency Physician (Universiti Teknologi Mara)


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